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Studio D Amsterdam

Studio D Amsterdam is your cozy living room studio/open space designed for maximum comfort and creativity.

housing three different sized rooms, we can you with all kinds of production environments. suited for producers, beatmakers, vocalists, small live ensembles. for just writing/recording music or full album productions.

we have a collection of real, analog electronic and digital instruments for almost every production situation.

situated in the West of Amsterdam, the studio has also (limited) residential facilities, kitchen and shower.


STUDIO 3: 80m2 writing/recording/keyboard/mixing living room

Control room:

- K&H 300 speakers with Yamaha sub

Live room

   (drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, DJ, percussion settings possible.)

- mini PA system with 4x 10" Meyer Sound Subs, JBL mini Line-Array, 2x15" Subs

-Vocal booth.

  Charter Oak LDC mic, 2xColes 4038 ribbon mics, AKG RE-20, Beyerdynamic M160.

  (all other mics on request)



Gear List:



STUDIO 3:                                                             

Fender Rhodes MK1 88                                                                                                         
Fender Rhodes MK2 S
tage 73                                                                       

(w/Suitcase preamp and tremolo)                                     
Hammond M101 (w/Leslie 760)
Korg Kronos MK1 88                                                                                       
Nord Stage 2 88                                                                                             
Yamaha Electone MC-600                                                 
Eminent Grand Theater 2000


Moog Prodigy                                                                                                 
Moog Sub37                                                                                                   
Korg Prologue 16 voice                                                                                  
Korg MS10                                                                                                       
Korg MS20 (3x)                                                                                               
Korg MS50                                                                                                      
Korg SQ10
Korg Mono/Poly     
Roland JV-2080
Roland D-550
Roland Juno-106
Roland SH101

Roland TR-8S
Oberheim Matrix-1000 (w/Access Matrix Programmer)
Kurzweil K2500R
Syntechno TEEBEE MK2
Spectral Audio Syntrack
Akai S1100
Akai MPC3000
Elektron Analog Rytm MK1
Elektron Octatrack MK2
Arturia Beatstep ProII
Yamaha DX-100
EMU Drumulator
Hammond Auto-Vari64
Roland CR-1000

Boss DR-55

SomaLabs Pulsar-23

SomaLabs Lyra-8

Coles 4038 (2x)
rter Oak E700 FET
Charter Oak M900
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
Audio Technica AT2020 (2x)
Electro-Voice RE20
Beyerdynamic M160
Uher M534 (4x)
Sennheiser MD421 (2x)

AKG C414ULBS (2x)

Millennia HV-3D 8-channel solid state preamp
Lavry LE4496 Stereo ADDA
Apogee Rosetta800 (2x)
Presonus BlueTube
Focusrite ISA220
Drawmer 1968ME
DNA Dymand
DBX 165A (2x)
Moog 3- Band Parametric EQ
Orban 622B EQ
Roland SDX-330 Dimensional Expander
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Ibanez Analog Delay AD-202
Ibanez Analog Delay AD-80
Boss CE-1
Vermona Re-Tube Verb
Evans ES-1 Tape Echo
Electro Harmonix Clockworks
Electro Harmonix 8-Step
Mu-Tron Phasor II
Dunlop Cry-Baby

Klein & Hummel O300
Yamaha NS-10 (w/Quad amp)
Fender Twin Reverb (mod)
Kustom II Guitar Amp
Ampeg SVT-4 (w/Epiphani 4x10”)

Other Stuff:
Premier Resonator Drum Kit (70’s)
Fender Strat copy
Congas (all sizes)
Hohner Melodica


Rates are on a day = 8 hour basis without engineer/producer (excluding 21%VAT)

engineers, producers, assistants, musicians, vocalists on request.


Discounts for 4+ day rent, full lockout, night sessions, writing camps, students on request.


Free WiFi, kitchen, toilet/shower.

Free parking in Amsterdam Westpoort.

STUDIO 1:                                                                             

Grand Piano
Roland Fantom8
Drum Set
Moog Source
Fender Rhodes 73
Adam Speakers





Apple M1 with ProTools, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Waves, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Cableguys, Native Instruments

KvK nr .........

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Podcast Studio

Stefan Schmid Studio D Amsterdam is also a very good equipped studio for podcast and/or commercial audio productions. There's a clear and dry Vocal Room, several professional good microphones and acoustic effects.

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