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Stefan Schmid

... a brief introduction ...

Hello, I'm Stefan Schmid and I'm a musician, a keyboard player but also a composer, producer and teacher at the Royal Conservatory The Hague (NL) and at the Amsterdam ROC PACT music production school. Late '80's I arrived from Germany in the Netherlands where I started a jazz education at the Hilversums Conservatory, with Frans Elsen and Rob Madna as teachers.

I was always interested different styles of music, classical, pop, jazz, folklore, electronic, club music,

and I have been working together with musicians, artists, composers and producers from all genres and countries. with my long-time musical partners Lilian Vieira and Stefan Kruger we started Zuco 103 back in 1998. and that musical bond with my mates will never cease to exist. Having played the smallest and the biggest stages of the world we are still creating new music and playing live as much as we can. 

At the moment I work on different levels with people. as a coach to young artists privately, and on 2 different educational institutes in Amsterdam and Den Haag. I love to collaborate with experienced musicians, artists and writers as well with young talents in the beginnings of their music careers. you can always contact me for writing music, recording music, keyboard parts remote recording or tour keyboard player.


I'm a producer

I have been interested in the recording and production side of things since my first 4-track cassette recorder and my first Atari computer. since then I have worked on a variety of releases as producer, co-producer or collaborateur. I do most of my work at my place, Studio D amsterdam.



I teach at the Royal Conservatory The Hague since 2013. Working for the Art of Sound department,  coaching Master and Bachelor Students in their main course Producing. Besides that I also give classes in Electronic Music Production, Music&Media and Jazz Piano.

At the High School ROCvA PACT+ Amsterdam I teach Music Production since 2008. my courses are: Music Theory/Solfège, Piano basics, Production/Main Subject and Sounddesign

For anyone who likes to learn about Jazz Piano, keyboard playing, sounddesign, synthesizers, recording in DAWs like Ableton Live, LogicPro, ProTool, Bitwig Studio and Cubase, music theory ....I can give you short- and long-term courses tailor made for your level and situation.

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ongoing projects


after writing and recording my own Jazz/Ambient/Electronic tracks for years, it’s finally time to pack the stuff into an album and play the shit out of these compositions with the trio. Stay tuned!

Los Calxunxos Tuyos

with my old New Cool Collective buddy Jos de Haas we have LCT. a few underground and some exclusive festival shows have made a new contribution to the Sleezy AfroLatin Dance genre.

with our first manifestations on tape we are on Spotify with a whole lot of releases in the waiting line.

Mandala Tribe

together with Mark Lotz (flutes) and Heiko Dijker (tabla and electronics) we form the trio Mandala Tribe. music based Indian Classical Music with free improvisation and electronic soundscapes.


I play keyboards in bands.

New Cool Collective

New Cool Collective Big Band

Starting as Jazz cats jamming with DJ Graham B in an Amsterdam discotheque in the early nineties, the legendary Big Mondays at Café Meander, to selling out the London Jazz Café a dozen times, NCC has stayed a major force on the Jazz scene for 25 years now. Benjamin Herman (sax), David Rockenfeller (tp, tb), Leslie Lopez (b), Frank van Dok and Jos De Haas (perc), Rory Ronde (guit), Joost Kroon (dr). 

I left the band in 2000 AD (together with Stefan Kruger) to go 100% Zuco103.


Caro Emerald 

Five and more exciting years of playing big venues and huge festivals with a great artist and a kick-ass live band.

Caro is a real and deeply professional stage beast and a beautiful and warm human being.

Still love to sub for the amazing Stephen Large from time to time.

We still have many tourbus anecdotes from that time with the amazing Jan van Duikeren -TP, Guido Nijs -Sax, Louk Boudesteijn -Trombone, DJ Kypsky and DJ Git Hyper, Stefan Kruger -Drums, MD, Sean Fasciani - Bass and the amazing Wieger Hoogendorp - Guitar as well as the best road crew ever with Light Wizard Pinkel Hogenkamp, and our favorite sound guys Patrick Andries  and Jan van Antwerpen. good times!!!

Candy Dulfer

being a last-minute sub for Candy’s keyboard player for a small tour in the Baltic states was a big adventure and a dream come true. I have almost no pictures or memories of this week as I was so stressed out to play a good thing I’ll never forget is being in the funk with Candy, the great Chance Howard, Manuel Hugas, Oscar Kraal and Ulco Bed. What a band and what a loving touring party with Inge Dulfer as our Guardian Angel.

Martinez Move

was our creative outlet spanning from our times at the Hilversums Conservatorium in the early 90’s. Formed as a quartet with drummer (and my longtime Zuco collaborator) Stefan Kruger, sax player Miguel Martinez and bass player and arranger Johan Plomp. Still proud of our experimental approach to a Jazz quartet and our collaborations with John Schröder, Wies Ingwersen, Nicolas Thys, Claus Tofft and Jarmo Hoogendijk.

Lotz of Music

my old friend Mark, always the instigator. Eternally thankful to be part of his ever expanding musical horizon.

Studying Afro-Cuban Santeria music, traveling to Havana, Cuba in 1996 and playing and recording with amazing percussion players like the late Angà Diaz, Javier Martinez Santos and the late ‘Hueso’. this trip has been a huge influence on me and my love and interest in global musical traditions. Jos Machtel, Sjahin During, Stefan Kruger and Maarten Ornstein were my co-adventurers.

More info Studio

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